4 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Gutters Over Galzanized Steel

If you've decided to add metal gutters to your home, it's likely that you'll end up having to choose between galvanized steel and aluminium. Galvanized steel is the stronger material of the two, and many people choose it for that reason alone. However, aluminium gutters are still quite strong, and they offer a number of advantages over galvanized steel that can generally make them the superior choice.

Here are just four reasons to choose aluminium guttering over galvanized steel.

1. Aluminium Gutters Resist Rusting

Yes, galvanized steel will resist rusting. However, keep in mind that galvanized steel is simply regular steel that has been treated with zinc. Once the zinc coating is worn away, rusting can occur, and it can be hard to spot exactly where that wear occurs across your guttering since it is so high up and there is quite a lot of it. Aluminium is completely resistant to rusting, so this isn't something that you will need to worry about.

2. Aluminium Gutters Are Cost-Effective

In general, aluminium is a far more cost-effective option than galvanized steel. This is partly due to the raw materials required and partly due to the greater need for labour during installation and construction. When you're making any kind of upgrade to your home, you're probably going to be working within a set budget. Since aluminium gutters are still highly dependable, it only makes sense to cut your costs by opting for them instead of galvanized steel. Isn't there something else you'd rather spend the money on?

3. Aluminium Gutters Weigh Less

You might have noticed that racing vehicles tend to use aluminium more than other metals – this is because it is a very light material. Of course, your gutters aren't going to need to boast strong acceleration, but it's still advantageous to have them as light as possible without sacrificing reliability. Heavier gutters require more connection points, which means that there are more potential points of failure. Additionally, lighter gutters don't place as much strain on the property itself. The heavier weight also means that galvanized steel gutters are more likely to be damaged by heavy winds.

4. Aluminium Gutters Offer Easier Installation

Since aluminium gutters are a lot lighter than those made of galvanized steel, it is possible to install them by yourself instead of calling a contractor. DIYers should veer away from galvanized steel gutters since they are very heavy and much harder to work with. 

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