How to Create More Shade on the Patio With Plants

If you are looking to create more shade on your patio, doing so with plants is a good place to start. Just by choosing the right plants and trees around the patio, you have natural shade so your patio is more comfortable. Here are some tips for using greenery to create more shade. Grow Vine Plants A great way to have more shade on the patio area with your plants is by growing vines.

What's Your Noisy Old Air Conditioning System Saying To You?

If you have an old air conditioning unit, it probably makes a comforting, familiar noise during operation that you’ve become accustomed to hearing over the years.  However, if your aging unit changes its tune, you may have cause for concern.  Read on to find out what those odd noises could mean and what you should do if you hear them. A high-pitched squealing sound The usual cause of a high-pitched squealing sound is a problem with the air conditioning unit’s fan belt.