How to Create More Shade on the Patio With Plants

If you are looking to create more shade on your patio, doing so with plants is a good place to start. Just by choosing the right plants and trees around the patio, you have natural shade so your patio is more comfortable. Here are some tips for using greenery to create more shade.

Grow Vine Plants

A great way to have more shade on the patio area with your plants is by growing vines. There are many ways to grow vines, such as by using the walls against your home to place trellises and grow the vines or by using an arbor. An arbor can be put right on your patio if you have enough room, or you can place the structure in the yard close to the patio. Since the vines grow tall, this can still provide some good shade for your yard. Make sure you are using plants that vine properly, such as a wisteria plant. They can grow rapidly, so make sure you trim them as needed.

Use Free-Standing Plants on the Patio

In some cases, you only want shade on a temporary basis. This doesn't necessarily call for tall plants and shrubs around the perimeter of your patio, but instead to use free-standing plants in general. If you are using a lot of them, you can go the wholesale route to buy them in bulk and have plenty to move onto your patio as needed. They are generally light enough to move back out to the yard when the plants need more direct sunlight or on days when you don't need quite as much shade on the patio. You can use anything from tall sunflower plants to extra-tall and bushy cannas.

Create a Wall of Plants

Don't forget about the option of creating an entire big wall of plants at the edge of your patio. This is going to create the look of an enclosed space, even though you aren't actually closing off the patio. For the wall itself, you can either put up some fencing where you can hang planters into the various posts, or you can put up tall outdoor shelving units, then place a variety of smaller potted plants. Whichever way you go, make sure the wall of plants is full of greenery to offer shade, while it is tall enough to shade from the hottest parts of the day.

You can also talk to a landscaper, or a plant wholesaler like Din San Nursery, for more ideas for shading your patio naturally by using plants.