Benefits Of Custom Built-In Wardrobes

You may consider whether to build a custom wardrobe in your bedroom or opt for an off-the-shelf design. Consider the following benefits you'll get if you choose a personalised built-in wardrobe.


First, you'll have control over the wardrobe size. You won't have to settle for closets of standard height and depth. Instead, you can build them in any proportion to suit the room and your needs. If your bedroom has high ceilings, you could construct a tall wardrobe with extra cupboards on top. Those high spots are perfect for infrequently used items.

Alternatively, say you have a compact bedroom. In that case, you could build a shallow wardrobe extending across an entire wall. If you purchase a ready-built model with a standard depth, it will protrude more into the floor area and waste space on the sides as well. A personalised configuration will better maximise limited space.


A custom-built wardrobe also gives you complete control over the design. If your home is industrial style, you could construct wardrobe doors with a raw wood look without contouring. You could then fit large rectangular black metal handles. Alternatively, paint the wardrobe matte black or charcoal.

On the other hand, you could install cream-painted traditional wardrobe doors with detailed recessed panels if you live in a classic home. Custom-built designs also allow you to use reclaimed timber for a unique look that's good for the environment by reducing waste.

Additionally, you can perfectly match other room furniture, such as art déco bedside tables. You may love the shop-bought tables and wish the company manufactured a matching wardrobe. You don't have to wish any longer as your wardrobe can be built to harmonise with shop-bought pieces.

Other Elements

You can also construct a custom-built wardrobe with additional features. You might have a large wall and not need a wardrobe over its entire length. In this case, you can build bookshelves attached to the wardrobe side, creating a library nook in the room corner. Simply place a big, comfy occasional chair and a floor lamp in front of the shelves, giving you a place to relax and read. You may be inspired to look for an old rustic ladder and lean it against the shelves.

Or else, you may love and collect hats. You can then construct extra storage to hold all your hats. A custom wardrobe will let you think creatively and give it features to suit your tastes and lifestyle.