How Custom Made Doors Can Add Style and Function to Your Space

Custom made doors can add lots of individual style and even make an interior space more functional. Generic doors you buy at the store typically don't offer any type of style, and may not even work in certain spaces of your home. Consider some ways that custom made doors can add lots of unique style to your home, and may even offer some added functionality to entryways and doorways in the home.

Sliding doors

Some rooms of the home, such as an office, den, or child's playroom, may not have a door because the room is somewhat small; a door that swings open may get in the way of furniture, or may jut out into the hallway. A good solution is to install a sliding door; this can be a pocket door that slides into the wall next to it, or it can be what's called a barn style door. This type of door has two rollers that sit on a track above the door, and the door slides along this track. These rollers are purposely left exposed to give the door a rustic, natural look. Adding a sliding door can mean privacy for that room without the door getting in anyone's way.

Oversized or oddly sized doors

If there is a room in your home that is very dark and dreary, one way to bring in light is to enlarge the entryway. However, standard interior doors may not fit if you were to make that entryway taller or wider. Custom made doors can be built with two separate panels that both swing out but don't get in the way of the space, or you can have a door made to be taller to accommodate the enlarged frame. Keeping that door open can then allow for more light into that drab and dark space, while also allowing you to close it up and keep it private when needed.

Interior security

Interior doors for a home often have small locks on the handle, but you may want something more secure for certain rooms; for example, if you have private information in your office that you don't want stolen, or an art collection you display in one room. An interior steel door or one made of thick and heavy wood can be created, with a supporting frame, and with whatever locking mechanisms you want; this might include actual deadbolts that lock, or a coded keypad in a metal that matches the door's hardware so it's less obtrusive and noticeable.