2 Essential Pieces Of Teak Outdoor Furniture You'll Need To Create A Resort-Style Poolside Living Area

Lazy summer days and balmy summer nights spent by the backyard are quintessential parts of the Australian culture. There is also a growing trend with creating outdoor rooms to make the time spent outdoors more comfortable. For the ultimate resort-style living, you can combine both of these elements to create a poolside living space that is both beautiful and practical.

Adding some teak outdoor furniture is the perfect way to do this. Teak has a solid reputation as being the ideal timber choice for outdoor furniture. It's attractive and durable and the high oil content of the wood makes it resistant to a variety of weather conditions. Here are two essential pieces of teak outdoor furniture you'll need to create your resort-style, poolside oasis.

1. Teak sun lounges

No poolside living area would be complete without a set of elegant teak sun lounges. They're ideal for soaking up some sun, relaxing with a book or magazine or for sitting back and enjoying a cold drink at sunset. Add a colourful cushion that's designed for outdoor use and you'll have a comfortable and stylish place to lie.

There is a wide range of teak lounge styles available. A simple yet refined flat lounge with a reclining headrest is a popular option. For something a bit more sculptural, you can opt for a lounge that has been designed in a curved shape. These look great and they're also incredibly comfortable to sit on as the curved shape matches the contours of your body.

2. A teak dining setting

Whether it's a casual weekend brunch, a family BBQ lunch or an evening meal with friends, a teak dining table is a necessity to allow you to comfortably dine in your poolside living area. Teak dining settings come in a wide array of different styles. You can opt for a solid teak table and chairs, or mix it up with different materials such as glass, stone or marble for the table top.

The size of the table and the number of settings it will allow will depend on how much space you have and how many guests you regularly entertain. If you'd like the ability to accommodate a larger number of diners, then using long, bench seats may be preferable to individual seats.

These items of teak furniture will help you transform your poolside area into a stunning and luxurious outdoor living room. Contact a local teak furniture supplier like The Teak Place to ask about the range and styles that they have to offer.