Kitchen Renovation Projects That Are Best Left to the Pros

If your home's kitchen is looking a bit drab and dull, you can sometimes spruce it up with fresh paint on the cupboards and some updated appliances. However, there are times when a true renovation is the only solution for creating a kitchen space that really works for you and your family. Before you decide that you can manage a renovation on your own, note why it's best to leave these plans to the professionals.

Installing cabinets

New cabinets can make a kitchen seem updated and more modern and may offer organizational features that are missing in your current cabinets. However, installing cabinets can be more difficult than you realize, as they need to be hung evenly and completely level, or there will be gaps between them and the items stored inside may slide around and get damaged. You also need to use the right bolts for securing those cabinets to the wall studs so they don't collapse when fully loaded. To ensure your new cabinets are hung properly, leave this work to the pros.

Putting in flooring

The materials used for kitchen flooring should be made for a kitchen specifically; this includes the tile you choose as well as adhesives and epoxies. This is because kitchens contain a lot of humidity, which can damage and break down materials that are not meant to withstand that moisture.

Additionally, you want to ensure you choose a flooring material that is soft underfoot, as you may stand in the kitchen longer than you do any other room in the home. A renovation expert can help you pick out the best flooring for a kitchen and ensure it's installed properly, so you're happy with that choice and it lasts for years.

Removing a wall

An open kitchen that flows into the dining or family room is a good choice for many homes; this allows for easier foot traffic when entertaining large groups and can mean more light and air circulation between those spaces. However, before you decide to remove a wall or even a cut-out of one wall, you want to ensure it's not load-bearing; even if it's not, it can still be needed to help support a long space between two rooms. A contractor may be able to add a support beam across the width of the space, or columns in different areas for added support. This can give you the open look you want while ensuring your home is still structurally sound.