Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Wool Carpets

Covering your floor is a reliable way of ensuring comfort and cosiness at home. Floors made from tough concrete, stone and tiles can get pretty cold and uncomfortable even during warm weather. Therefore, you need a wool carpet to ensure that your floor always feels warm regardless of the prevailing weather. Wool carpets are resilient and durable because of the thickness of the materials. They can handle lots of traffic without significant damage to the material. To add on that, wool comprises microscopic fibres that disperse light and enhance the lighting in your house. If you have just acquired one, here is a good guide to help you with carpet cleaning.

Outdoor Cleaning Is Recommended

Wool is a dense, heavy material that can absorb lots of water. Thorough cleaning of your carpet certainly needs lots of water, and it is best to get the job outside your house. Remove any items standing on the carpet, roll it up so that it is easy to carry and take it to the garage, carport or patio where you can soak it freely without worry.

Start the Cleaning

This is where you need to be careful as you can easily damage the wool carpet. Attach a spray mechanism on a garden and use it to sprinkle water generously over the whole carpet. The spray mechanism distributes water evenly over the whole carpets and ensures that you do not over-wet some sections. Mix detergent properly in a separate bucket and use a sponge mop to apply the soap on the wool carpet. Strike the mop gently over the surface of the carpet in a consistent pattern that will guarantee that you cover the whole carpet. After applying the soap, rinse generously with lots of water to ensure that you get rid of all the soap.

Remove Excess Water

When rinsing, removing all the soap might force you to use too much water. Therefore, you must blot out all the excess water so that the wool has an easy time drying up. Heavy cotton towels or clean clothes can be used to blot up excess water and hasten the drying process. Alternatively, you can also use a dry vacuum in place of the towels.

Additional Tips

Stick to using soap, ordinary detergents and cleaning agents when cleaning wool carpets. Avoid overly alkaline or acidic cleaning solutions, as they can disintegrate the wool fabric. They can also discolour the carpet.