Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Flower Deliveries

Sending flowers is a great way to perk up someone's day, and can also be an appropriate gesture when someone has passed away. If you can't pick up flowers in person, or need flowers delivered for an occasion you're planning, note a few commonly asked questions about flower deliveries, so you avoid any surprises during this process.

Should you still send flowers to a funeral if they ask for donations instead?

Many times a family planning a funeral will note that they would prefer donations to a charitable cause rather than receiving flowers. This doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't send flowers, as the family may simply be suggesting that the amount of money you would spend on flowers is better spent on a certain charity. If you can afford to make that donation and send flowers, you might still consider doing both.

However, be cautious in this regard, as some families may be planning a very small funeral in a small funeral home, and may not have means to take large flower bouquets back home with them once the funeral is over. If you are in a position to call and ask someone who is planning the funeral, or even the funeral home, about sending flowers as well as making a donation, that can be a good option, rather than just assuming you should do both.

Can a person always buy locally grown flowers?

If you're concerned with supporting local businesses, don't assume that even exotic flowers need to be trucked in from another country, as commercial greenhouses allow a floral company to recreate the atmosphere needed to grow even the most delicate buds. If you have your heart set on a certain flower for your wedding or other occasion, but still want to shop local, ask your florist where their flowers are grown, as you might be surprised to learn how many flowers are cultivated locally.

How do you keep flowers fresh after delivery?

Exposure to harsh sunlight and high heat will often wilt any bouquet. Keep flowers out of a kitchen and off a windowsill if you're having them delivered for a party or other event that requires some setup. Note, too, that you often don't want flower stems to sit in too much water, as this can cause the stem to become wilted and downright mushy. Ask your florist for more specific instructions on how to keep your particular flowers fresh after delivery, and they should look stunning once it's time for your event to begin.