How to Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel can be very expensive, but there are affordable alternatives to the materials and pieces you need to create the kitchen of your dreams. Knowing your options can mean not giving up on having a kitchen that is functional as well as beautiful, while also not breaking your budget. Note a few suggestions for saving money on a kitchen remodel in your home.

Island options

Kitchen islands can be very expensive, so you might consider some alternative materials and pieces. For example, a stainless steel industrial cart can give your kitchen a modern look, while providing storage and a great surface for food prep. You can even create an island with salvaged pieces. Find a sturdy bookcase and cut it to size, and then add casters to the bottom and a granite remnant to the top. The bookcase area provides shelving for cookbooks and other storage, for much less cost than a true storage island.

Track lighting

Cutting into the ceiling and adding wiring for recessed lights can be very expensive, but you may need spotlights in the far end of the kitchen or a dark corner. In those cases, add track lighting instead of recessed lighting. Track lighting fixtures can bend and curve in various directions, giving you more control over the areas of the room they illuminate; you can also aim the lights themselves at those dark corners.

For even more lighting in dark areas, add rope lighting under the upper cabinets. These lights are very inexpensive and easy for any homeowner to install, saving on the cost of an electrician that's typically needed for recessed lighting fixtures.


If you need new shelving in the kitchen, you might consider a cut-out rather than new cabinetry. Cut out a section between the kitchen and dining room or living room, and add a shelf in the middle of this section. You can use the bottom of the cut-out and those shelves for cookbooks, serving platters and whatever else you might keep out and on display.


Always shop wholesale for items needed for a kitchen remodel; don't assume that only stores and resellers are allowed to purchase wholesale supplies! Many kitchen wholesalers will sell to individual buyers, and they will usually have the items you need for cabinetry, flooring and benchtops, for far less money than if you purchased those pieces at a standard retail store. This can ensure you get exactly what you need for your kitchen, and save as much money as possible.