Features to Include in Your Home's Custom-Built Kitchen

When having a home built, or when you're ready to renovate your home, you may want to work with a custom kitchen builder, to have your new kitchen designed specifically for you. Buying prefabricated cabinets and standard appliances for the kitchen may be the cheapest option, but a custom kitchen can mean having features and details that will make food prep and storage easiest for you and your family. Note a few of those features to consider here, and discuss them with a kitchen designer or builder for your own home.

 Vegetable drawers

If you use lots of potatoes, onion, garlic, and other such vegetables in your food prep, you may have a hanging basket to hold these items, or may simply keep them on the benchtop. This can be very unsightly and make your kitchen look messy, so consider vegetable drawers. These are deep and wide drawers with built-in dividers, just as you would have for cutlery and tools. This will keep those vegetables close at hand while also keeping the kitchen neat and orderly.

Slide-out cutting board

To ensure you have all the workspace you need in the kitchen, consider a slide-out cutting board. This board slides under the benchtop, and it may even have its own legs, like a small table. The board can even have a drawer under it that holds a rubbish bin, and a hole in the board itself, so you can easily push scraps off the board and into the bin, keeping your workspace clean.

Custom island

Having a kitchen island custom-built can mean added storage, an eating space, and more space for food prep. Consider all the features you want to have in your kitchen island before having it built for your kitchen specifically; this may include large shelves for holding small kitchen appliances or your collection of cookbooks. You might also include lighting behind the shelves, so you can show off your decorative serving platters.

Your kitchen island can have power wired to it so that it has a small refrigerator underneath, for holding wine, soda, or fruit. Custom-made slots under the island benchtop can also hold bottles of wine. Electrical outlets in the kitchen island can mean keeping your coffeemaker on the island, so it's off the benchtop but still very accessible. Have fun with its design as well; your custom builder may be able to curve the benchtop, paint a checkerboard design on the front, or add thick columns as legs to make it very regal.

For more information about custom kitchen design, contact a local professional.