Ensuite Renovations—Ideas to Bring the Spa Experience to Your Master Bedroom

A room in your residence that will rarely be utilised by anyone but yourself is your master ensuite bedroom. Therefore, if you are looking to embark on renovations to enhance the comfort of your home, this would be a great place to start. Since your bedroom is your haven, ensuite improvements would be a great way to curate your perfect relaxation escape. However, do not start by just knocking down walls to make the room and bathroom bigger. Here are ideas you could utilise during your ensuite renovations to bring the spa experience right to your bedroom.

Go bold with a freestanding bath

Water features are one of the fundamental elements at a spa. Thus, to make your bathroom more spa-like, you should consider investing in a prominent water feature, too! Homeowners with adequate floor space may want to eliminate their shower and instead have a freestanding bath installed. The tub could be placed directly on the floor, or you could opt to have it mounted on a platform to make it more prominent in the room. If you do not have any budgetary constraints, you could also steer clear from conventional bathtub materials such as porcelain and indulge in something more exquisite such as natural stone. Other accessories you could have included in your tub to make is as spa-like as possible include water jets that can provide you with a hydromassage as you soak!

Install a statement mirror on one entire wall

If your ensuite bathroom is not spacious enough to have a freestanding tub, this does not mean that you cannot play around with design elements to provide you with the spa experience. A great way to renovate a small bathroom is by increasing the amount of illumination penetrating the space. Installing a statement mirror on one of the walls would do this perfectly. Not only does the large mirror give an illusion of the ensuite bathroom being large, but any light in the room also is reflected too! Take it a step further by even having your contractors install mirrored doors to all your cabinets to add clean lines to the room and enhance the visual interest.

Get rid of your bathroom door

Bathroom doors primarily function for privacy, but if the toilet and shower in your ensuite room are already close off, you do not need the extra compartmentalisation of the space. A new trend in ensuite renovations that is steadily gaining traction is to remove the bathroom door altogether. Instead, replace it with an archway or a widened entryway, which works to create an open floor plan.