Little-Known Ways to Keep Your Shade Sails Pristine

Living in Australia typically means getting to enjoy the favourable weather, as most of the year is sunny, and the winters are not too severe, either. Although this climate is ideal for alfresco lifestyles, it does come with some cons. Prolonged exposure to direct sunshine means a higher risk of sunburn as well as other skin problems associated with exposure to ultraviolet rays. Fortunately, shade sails are a great way to protect yourself from the scorching sun while also contributing to the kerb appeal of your residence. However, if you do not care for these structures, their lifespan will be considerably decreased. Read on for little-known ways to keep your shade sails pristine for longer.

Inspect the posts for undue damage and repair as needed

When it comes to shade sail maintenance, people tend to focus on the fabric of the sails rather than the supportive structures. As a result, the shade sails themselves may be in good condition, but the posts, as well as the anchor points used to prop them up, are steadily on the decline. Therefore, one of the areas that you should focus on when examining the shade sails for unnecessary damage is the support posts.

The first thing to be wary of is signs of wobbling, as this could indicate that the shade sails are at risk of collapsing. Hire a contractor to stabilise them to make sure that the shade sails do not spontaneously fall over. The second thing to be on the lookout for is structural damage, either in the form of decay or corrosion depending on the materials that you chose for your support beams. Lastly, any nuts and fasteners used to secure the shade sails should be inspected to make sure they are in good working condition.

Keep grills and cooking appliances away from the shade sails

Since shade sails are typically put up during the summer, there is a lot of entertaining and hosting that is done underneath them. However, keep in mind that shade sails are typically not fire-retardant unless you specifically bought this type of fabric. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that you keep them away from open flames.

A mistake some homeowners are prone to make is barbecuing close to their shade sails, and this inadvertently puts them at risk of damage from sparks flying off the crackling charcoal. As a result, the shade sails become singed and acquire holes, significantly lessening their lifespan. It is best to have your barbie grill a safe distance away from your shade sails to eliminate this risk.