Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Home and Garden: 4 Top Tips

Mosquitoes aren't just annoying because they draw blood, they can also carry disease. If you are looking for ways in which you can modify your home and garden to keep mosquitoes out, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out more.

Install retractable flyscreens

Mosquitoes pose the biggest problem during the summer months. Unfortunately, this is the same time when many Australian families want to leave their windows open so they can ventilate their homes. However, if you leave your window open, you are sending out an invitation to every mosquito in the area. You can solve this problem by installing retractable flyscreens on the windows of your property. The flyscreen will help to keep mosquitoes and other bugs out of your home while allowing a cool breeze to blow into the interior of your home. 

Keep your lawn short

By keeping the length of the grass on your lawn trimmed low, you can help to deter mosquitoes. Short grass will help to create a dry environment which will mean that mosquitoes have fewer places to shelter during the heat of the day.

Fill in any water features or add a pump

If you have a pond in your garden, you should seriously consider having it filled in. Although a pond can look great, it also provides the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos. Mosquitos lay their young in water so removing any water sources from your backyard can help to reduce the numbers of mosquitos in the area. A gardening contractor will be able to drain the pond and backfill it with earth.

Mosquitos can only breed in standing water so if you cannot face getting rid of the pond you could instead install a pump which will keep the water constantly moving. However, it isn't just large bodies of water such as ponds which can be breeding ground for mosquitos. Mosquitos only require a very small amount of water in which to lay their eggs so you should be sure not to leave watering cans, plant pots or other containers of water out in your yard during the mosquito season.

Clean your gutters

Finally, you should periodically check your gutter to ensure they are clear of leaves and other debris. Blocked gutters can provide moisture and shade which makes it the perfect place for mosquitos to breed.

For further information, contact a home and garden contractor near you.