The Most Useful Cabinet Features for Any Kitchen

If you're working with cabinet makers to design and install custom kitchen cabinets for your home, you might take the time to note all the best features that are available with cabinets today. This will ensure you end up with cabinets that are as functional as they are attractive, and will also ensure you don't overlook any potential storage space or convenience you might get with those cabinets!

Slide-out cutting board

Storing cutting boards can be cumbersome and inconvenient, so to avoid this hassle, opt for lower cabinets with slide-out cutting boards. These boards are nestled underneath the benchtop and, as the name implies, slide out when needed. You can use these boards for food prep and for when you need some added benchtop space for small appliances, for holding a cookbook, and the like.

Built-in knife sharpeners

Drawers in cabinets are often fitted with slots and separators that hold and organize knives, but you can take this convenience one step further by adding built-in knife sharpeners to these slots. Every time you slide a knife into its slot, and slide it back out for use, you are sharpening the blade, keeping the knife in good condition and ready for food prep.

Self-closing drawers and doors

Open drawers and doors in a kitchen can make the space look very unsightly, and also allow food crumbs to make their way into drawers, which is also very unhygienic. Self-closing drawers and doors can eliminate this problem, and you might also add bumpers on these pieces, so that no one can slam the drawers and doors shut.


If you have dogs or children in the home that you want to keep out of the kitchen, or away from the oven, you can have cabinets made with built-in gates. These gates slide out of one cabinet and latch to a cabinet across from it, or will have locks to keep them in place. This allows you to easily control access to any area of the kitchen without having to find storage space for a gate when it's not in use.

Slide-out shelves and outlets

There's no need to pull out bulky kitchen appliances if you have cabinets made with slide-out shelves and built-in outlets. You can store a coffeemaker, blender or other such device in the cabinet, keep it plugged in and then simply slide out the shelf when needed. This eliminates clutter on your benchtops, and also makes it easier for those with coordination or strength issues to manage small buy heavy appliances.