Bathroom Glass Enclosure: Three Essential Considerations for Shower Screen Selection

If you are planning on performing bathroom renovations, you should think about installing a glass shower enclosure. This feature will improve both the aesthetics and functionality of the bathroom. In simple terms, you will have a separate section for shower purposes, isolating the rest of the space from excess moisture. Also, the clean and sleek appearance of the shower screen will give your bathroom a fresh and contemporary look. Here are crucial factors for the selection of an ideal glass shower screen.

Type of Panels

You should choose the most appropriate panels for your bathroom. In general, you can choose between frameless and semi-framed glass. Both of these options have significant advantages. Semi-framed glass has supporting framing which increases the strength of the panel. Therefore, lighter or thinner glass panes can be used, lowering the price of purchase. On the other hand, frameless glass is completely free of frames. The price of purchase can be high, but the uninterrupted glass is an ideal choice because of the sleek structure. In addition, it is easier to maintain because there are no crevices for dirt entrapment.

Colour and Texture

You should choose the right glass colour and texture to enhance the appeal and function of the shower screen. Your choice will have great impact on your renovated bathroom. In general, it is advisable to opt for clear glass panels. This standard and safe choice is perfect because it can complement any type of bathroom. Also, this type of material will open up the space and ensure that the renovated area does not feel cramped, especially in smaller bathrooms.

If you choose uniquely coloured or textured glass, you might be forced to repaint the walls or change the tiles to create harmony. If you are interested in coloured glass, you should make sure that it will blend in with the current bathroom colour scheme. Textured glass such as frosted panels can provide more privacy, particularly in shared spaces. However, the textured surface will require frequent cleaning to prevent the buildup of dirt on the panels.


You should decide on the appropriate shower enclosure space before purchasing glass panels of the best dimensions. When deciding on the best area for the shower enclosure, you must take into account the current bathroom size. If the enclosure is too large, it will take up precious space that could be used for other purposes. In addition, opening the doors can be challenging. If you have limited room, you should look into sliding door options for the screen for space economy.

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