Should You Put Shade Sails Over Your School's New Playground Equipment?

If your school is planning to add some new equipment to its playground, then you may be thinking about how to add shade to the area to protect your pupils from the sun while they play. Shade sails may be a good option here. As well as giving your pupils protection from the sun, sails also come with some teaching, equipment and design benefits. Why are shade sails a good idea?

Give Your Children Extra Protection

During recess and lunch breaks, your pupils are likely to make a beeline for your play equipment. If you haven't got adequate shade cover, then children will be out in the open on hot days. Sun protection and hats can help counter this problem; however, you have to rely on kids putting on sunscreen effectively and remembering to wear hats. This may not always happen. Shade sails simply add a layer of sun protection to the area they cover.

Maintain a Readiness to Learn

If your pupils get very hot and sweaty when they play outside, then they won't necessarily be ready to get back to learning as soon as they return to the classroom. They may need more time to cool down and settle down. If you use a shade sail over playground equipment, then children may be less prone to overheat and may be more able to concentrate when they come back into school after a break outside.

Protect Your Playground Equipment

Shade sails also give your playground equipment some protection against extreme weather conditions. This could prolong the lifespan of your equipment and keep it looking good for longer. For example, a shade sail will prevent equipment from getting sun-faded during the summer. In colder months, a shade will prevent rain and hail from damaging your playground equipment.

Promote Your School's Identity

Shade sails can be made in a variety of colours. So, you could have sails made in your school's colours. While choosing your own colours is a nice-to-have rather than an essential shade benefit, it's a good way to build your school's brand both within your school and outside it.

Remember that not all shade sails are suitable for all schools. For example, coastal schools may need to choose shade materials that can cope with salt-water issues; inland schools won't have this problem. Plus, school shade sails may have to meet certain safety specifications before they are erected over playground equipment. To find out more about suitable materials for your location and any rules you may have to follow, ask your coastal shade sail supplier for advice.