Questions You Might Have About Home Security Doors

Security doors are a great option for any home, especially if you're a homeowner who doesn't want to fuss with an alarm system or worry about floodlights that might be activated by wildlife or a neighbour's dog. While a security door installer can answer many of your questions about these types of doors, you might note some common questions here, so you can determine if they're the right choice for your home.

Will security doors keep intruders out of the home?

There is no guarantee that any security measure will keep intruders out of the home, but keep in mind that many residential burglaries actually happen during the day, when homes are empty. An intruder who is breaking into a home in broad daylight might not want to smash a window to gain entry into the home, as the sound of shattering glass might alert a neighbour. The intruder would also need to crawl through all that broken glass to get into the home! Because of these risks, a burglar may try to kick open an entryway door, which is why security doors can be such a good choice for a residential home.

Why install a security door instead of a home alarm?

An alarm system has its own advantages, but a home alarm can come with complicated codes and keypads, and you also need to remember to actually set the alarm in the first place. Note, too, that even if a home does have an alarm system, a burglar might opt for a 'smash and go', meaning they will break in and steal things as quickly as possible and then leave before police arrive. The rugged material and framework of a security door offers protection against such intruders but without complicated alarm codes and without having to worry if you engaged or disengaged the alarm as needed!

Are all security doors made out of steel?

Steel doors are very rugged and need little to no maintenance over the years, but they might seem a bit industrial for a residential home. Fortunately, there are other options available for residential security doors; for example, you might opt for a solid wood security door. These doors are different than standard wood entryway doors, as wood security doors are made from a very dense species that is difficult to splinter. However, wood does need consistent repainting or staining over the years, so it's not quite as maintenance-free as steel!