When Is It Time for a New Kitchen?

A kitchen remodel isn't always as expensive as many homeowners assume, and a new kitchen space can actually add value to your home while offering a more comfortable and sanitary area for food prep and cooking. If you're still on the fence about renovating or remodelling your home's kitchen, note a few signs that it might be time to seriously consider this project for your house. 

Scratches on the benchtop

Deep scratches, gouges and chips on a kitchen benchtop are not just unsightly, as they can also be a gathering place for germs, bacteria and other such contaminants. These contaminants may not easily wipe away or come clean. In turn, you could be prepping food on a very dirty and unsanitary benchtop, even if you wash that surface with a rag or sponge. An updated solid stone or poured acrylic benchtop can be much more sanitary and safe to use, and may more readily withstand cuts, scratches and other such damage.


If your kitchen appliances are very old, they may not be energy efficient and may be wasting quite a bit of electricity. If your refrigerator is too small, you may tend to "cram" food items inside, which then cuts off cool air circulation and causes the fan and motor to work harder than they should. An old oven may have a worn seal around the door and hinges that don't work properly so that it actually loses heat when in use.

A kitchen remodel can include reworking the kitchen's overall footprint so it then accommodates upgraded or larger appliances. New appliances can make food prep and storage easier and can also mean spending less money on your utility bills every month!

It's crowded

If the kitchen seems very crowded, especially if you have more than one person working in the kitchen at the same time, it may be good to consider a remodel or renovation. A contractor can often remove or knock back a wall to make the kitchen larger, or he or she can rework the overall footprint of the kitchen to open up the space. Fold-away benchtops can be added so there is additional prep space when you need it, and new storage features might be included so that two people are not constantly reaching around each other to get food items and utensils. These types of changes can make the kitchen space more usable for you and far less crowded overall.