How To Plan A Stress-Free Interstate Removal With Kids

There's a lot to plan when you're moving to a different state, and when you're moving with children, it's easy to feel like there's an added layer of stress. However, by following the tips below, you can ensure that your interstate move goes as smoothly as possible.

Give Them Tasks To Complete

Your children might feel left out in the rush of packing, loading moving trucks and saying goodbyes, and it will be helpful to them if you give them tasks to do. As well as making them feel important and connected to the process, it will give you less to do. Younger children can help by packing toys and stuffed animals into boxes or helping you pack their clothes. Older children and teenagers may be able to take a more active role — for example, they could be in charge of packing your home's books or DVDs, or in packing everything from a specific room. However, you should bear in mind that, as My Moving Reviews explains, children's rooms should be the last rooms you dismantle, as it is important for them to have a sense of safety and consistency.

Plan Some Fun Activites For The Journey

If you're planning an interstate removal, it's likely that you'll be following your movers on a long car journey. To keep the kids entertained, you could listen to music or an audiobook or play a family game. Thought Catalog has a list of game ideas, from song-guessing to classic I Spy. If you don't feel like playing a game, try talking about your new state and town and what you're excited to see and do there. For longer journeys, you might want to plan a stop for lunch or dinner, and for journeys of a few hours, pack lots of snacks and drinks.

Prepare For Your Arrival

Moving interstate is very tiring, and you probably won't feel like unpacking when you finally arrive. Porch suggests packing a little suitcase for each family member with a couple of changes of clothes, a few toys, your favourite electronics, and some drinks and snacks for the first night. You might also want to mark a couple of boxes as "open first", and fill them with everything else you'll need for your first night — towels, bedding, bath stuff, medication and entertainment. This will make your arrival go smoothly and remove any stress from your first evening. You should also make plans for dinner, whether you pack some food separately or choose somewhere to eat near your new house.

By letting your kids help with the process, planning for the car journey, and packing special bags and boxes for a smooth first night, you can ensure that the interstate moving process is as problem-free as possible for the entire family.

For more help, reach out to an interstate removal service.