Wood Vs Faux Wood Luxaflex Blinds – Which Option Is Right For You?

When it comes to window treatments, a good number of homeowners are steadily making the shift from traditional curtains to blinds. Blinds offer a myriad of benefits when compared to their drapery counterparts, such as easy customization, a unique appearance as well as increased thermal efficiency! While there is a vast selection of materials to choose from, wooden blinds were at the forefront when these window furnishings were taking over. And even though times have evolved, there remains an unwavering demand for timber blinds, which are now available in real and faux varieties. So how do you choose? This article highlights a few of the things you should know so you can decide which wooden blinds will be right for you.


The first consideration that you should have in mind when choosing between real and faux wooden blinds is your budget. Real wooden blinds, as you would expect, are the most expensive option, as they are manufactured from high-quality timber supplies. Moreover, depending on the type of wooden blinds that you want and the size, you will find that wooden blinds can inflate your budget substantially. Faux wood blinds are definitely the more affordable solution since they are made from PVC. Therefore, if you furnishing large, multiple windows in your house, you will find faux wood blinds the economical choice.


If where you live in Australia particularly experiences high temperatures and high humidity, you should opt for faux wood blinds over the real wood variety for various reasons. Wooden blinds, while stunningly attractive, are not immune to temperature changes. When the blinds are exposed to high heat, they will steadily warp and become misshapen. In addition to this, the humid conditions in your location will cause the wood blinds to expand, and this too causes distortion. Faux wood, on the other hand, is not vulnerable to these physical changes. The PVC neither expands nor bends, and this makes the blinds perfect for any location. This structural integrity gives you the flexibility to install the faux wood blinds in wet rooms, such as the bathroom! It is worth noting that real wood blinds will also be invulnerable to discolouration due to ultraviolet exposure, and this will detract from their visual appeal.


The indisputable allure of wooden blinds does not come without compromise. For these widow treatments to remain stunning, you need to engage in rigorous upkeep. And if you do not have the time or the motivation to do so, the wood blinds will gradually lose their charm. Faux wood blinds, conversely, are virtually maintenance-free! Since they are both moisture- as well as UV-resistant, this means they only need an occasional wiping to get rid of the dust. Consider options like luxaflex blinds, and find the right blinds for your home.