Your Perfect Outdoor Blinds: Choosing Between PVC and Mesh

When it comes to outdoor blinds, few materials are as popular as PVC and Mesh. Both these materials offer the benefit of coverage from harsh sun rays and protection from the rain and strong winds. These two materials are also incredibly versatile, coming in a variety of designs depending on your chosen manufacturer. While PVC is sometimes considered the high-end option, there exist countless mesh variations that match the sophistication and "luxe" appeal of clear glass.

Read further to understand the key benefits of each option.

Mesh Blinds Are A Perfect Option For Constant Airflow

The key benefit of mesh blinds is that they offer UV and Sunlight protection both to humans and furniture. They provide a degree of privacy, but it isn't oppressive. Instead, mesh blinds offer top visibility from the inside out. Because there is a steady airflow through the fabric, shade mesh provides excellent ventilation, either keeping the heat out during summer or letting it seep in during winter.

Mesh blinds provide adequate protection against the rain, but they allow the cool air (and occasionally a bit of moisture) to come in. They generally feature a straight drop, wire-guided or ziptrack mechanism. You will be able to get either sunscreen or shade mesh — the main difference being that sunscreen mesh is made up of "denser" fabric, which keeps out the sun and rain more effectively than standard shade mesh.

PVC Mesh Blinds Are The Most Protective Option

Like Mesh blinds, PVC blinds offer UV light protection — however, they do so with unmatched efficiency. This is the ideal option if you are looking to preserve the intensity of your furniture's colours, and the overall brightness of your home. PVC is a malleable material; therefore, both wood-emulating and glass-mimicking options are available. PVC outdoor blinds can be entirely waterproof, which guarantees full protection against rain and storms.

Clear PVC is a fantastic option if you're looking to give your space an "outdoor" effect permanently. This will provide you with the benefits of insulation and those of lush outdoor views simultaneously. PVC blinds will keep both moisture and heat out, which will help protect your paint and furniture. The strongest point of the PVC is likely its ease of maintenance, as you will essentially only need to clean the blinds with a slightly-wet cloth to remove dust and other marks.  

A Concluding Word

Both mesh and PVC sport some similar advantages; however, the choice you make between the two will likely come down to ventilation or waterproof needs. If you're looking for complete protection from the outside world, then the PVC blinds may be worth the additional investment. If, on the other hand, you want hints of the outside climate to be felt in your living space, mesh blinds are the ideal option for you.