The Benefits of Under-Floor Heating in Homes

Although it is not as common as conventional central heating, which relies on running pipes around a home that connect to wall-mounted radiators, under-floor heating is becoming more and more popular. The cost of it varies according to the type of floor heating you want to have installed. Hydronic in-screed under-floor heating, for example, can be as much as $100 per square metre. That said, the most cost-effective time to have it fitted is when a full remodelling project of your home is being conducted. Once it has been installed, you will reap numerous advantages. How does in-floor heating benefit homeowners?

Low Costs

Although some types of floor heating require a sizeable initial outlay, it is incredibly cheap to run. This is because there are very few thermal losses associated with the technology. Compared to radiators, which are often fitted underneath windows, you get very little wasted heat that dissipates through walls. A floor heating system will run efficiently since it will warm up the floor at night which can then act as a storage heater, keeping you warm all day long without needing to be turned on again. It is worth noting that an electric in-slab under-floor heating system that works in this way is also about a third the cost of a hydronic in-screed system at the installation stage.

Heat the Whole Space

When you have individual heaters — or even a central heating system — there are always cold spots you will feel in any room. If you stand next to a radiator in your home, for example, then it is highly likely that it will be a warmer spot than the other side of the room. This is the way that all convection heaters work, after all. However, an in-floor heating system warms the whole space from beneath evenly. Since heat rises, it will warm all of the air above it with none of the patchiness you get with other approaches.

Environmentally Friendly

Of course, running a more efficient heating system is not just good for reducing your utility bills but it is beneficial for the environment, too. Simply put, you will reduce your carbon footprint considerably by running floor heating throughout your home.

More Space

Finally, it is worth mentioning that when you no longer have surface-mounted pipes and radiators in your home, you gain space. Doing away with such heating infrastructure and putting it all underneath your feet means your home's rooms will feel larger. It will also mean greater flexibility with the arrangements that are possible with your furniture, too.