Compelling Reasons To Favour Native Species When Shopping At A Wholesale Tree Nursery

If you have decided on planting some trees in your backyard but still do not know what species to invest in, you are likely planning a visit to a wholesale nursery for some inspiration. However, with the vast array of species available, it is easy to be carried away and end up selecting saplings based purely on aesthetics. Yet, a critical consideration to have is the degree of maintenance you are willing to provide your new trees, as exotic tree species require much more rigorous upkeep than others do. Fortunately, native tree species not only come in a vast selection of choices but they offer a multitude of benefits that you will not find with exotic tree species! Check out the following compelling reasons to favour native Australian species when shopping at a wholesale tree nursery.

Native Australian tree species do not need irrigation

If you have had a bad track record with caring for plants, you should know that nurturing a tree can be much more complicated, especially if you are to grow species that are not acclimatised to Aussie's tropical and sometimes arid climatic conditions. Native tree species already have an intrinsic resilience to the cabinet climatic conditions. Therefore, you will not be required to engage in intensive watering or, have to invest in a costly irrigation system. Instead, most of these tree species do not need much attention other than ensuring they can receive adequate amounts of rainfall when the rainy seasons roll around plus planting them either under shade or directly exposed to the sunlight depending on their individual needs. Your wholesale tree supplier will also inform you of any special considerations, for example, some types of saplings need supplementary watering before they can be transplanted.

Native Australian tree species create microhabitats

The second reason why you should gravitate towards native over exotic tree species for your backyard is the microhabitats that native tree species crate, which is particularly advantageous if you are a nature lover. In addition to being acclimatised to the changing climatic conditions, these tree species have also evolved to become a source of support for the native fauna. And in as much as Aussie is renowned for its diverse wildlife, most of these creatures are kept at the outskirts of cities so rarely would you find naïve bird species, tiny mammals and more right in your backyard. Different native tree species will attract specific fauna and this invites these small critters to make a home on your property. Thus, as the new trees complement your landscape, the native animals will add an inviting touch!