Why Carports Are Perfect For Australian Households

Australians are famous for adding their own personal touches to classic designs, such as inventing the ute or designing a washing line that is much more efficient and compactable in the hills hoist. Carports are another classic spin on an old favourite, although this time it is with an actual building. Garages are handy places to store vehicles and tools, but they are also big and take up a lot of space. Here are a few reasons why carports are the perfect alternative to garages for Australian conditions.

Protected From Above But Still Cooled By The Wind

Weather conditions across the country can change from being pleasant to being downright dangerous in an instant. Hailstones, dust clouds and even lightning are not uncommon in any of the major metropolitan areas, and country towns often have even more dynamic changes in the climate. Carports ensure that the vehicle is protected from the vast bulk of these issues, while still allowing it to cool down in the strong breezes that often whip along the major coastal cities. The open-ended design is also much more attractive and in line with the more laidback households that prefer to extend outwards rather than upwards. 

Easy Access To Parking

The main problem with garages is that they are quite stuffy and tricky to back your car in and out of. That is because when people get a garage, they normally fill it to the brim with other storage items that they cannot find a place for in their household. In fact, many people who have carports actually also have a garage that they just use for storage. If you don't like the idea of some old heavy antique falling on your car when it is in your garage, or having to spend ten minutes carefully parking it every time you get home, then carports are the easy answer.

Cheap And Easy Setup

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars for a new garage that has to meet so many more strict regulations when carports fulfil the same purpose at a fraction of the cost? That is the attitude that most people have, and the option to extend the carports out with additional spaces is also very appealing. They are just an easier option to take that gives you more control over your home and garden, while not providing any less adequate protection for your much-loved vehicles.