Benefits of Under-Floor Heating

If you have tile flooring in your house, you might consider installing heating beneath the tiles. In these systems, electrical coils are laid back and forth across the subfloor. The coils emit heat, which warms the tiles above them. You can also install this heating underneath other floor surfaces also. Here are several benefits of floor heating.

Warm Floors and Rooms

With other above-floor types of heating, the flooring can take ages to warm up, so you avoid walking barefoot in the winter. However, if you install underfloor heating, you can walk around without shoes at any time. The warmth from the electrical coils heats floor tiles or planks, and the warmth then wafts upwards and disperses around the room. Underfloor heating concentrates heat in the lowest parts of the room where you live. These systems take advantage of the fact that hot air naturally rises.

Alternate heating methods can encourage more heat to gather around the ceiling without warming the atmosphere near the floor. For example, air blown out of a fan will automatically drift upwards, and it won't often reach all areas of the room. The same thing happens with a radiator heater in one spot in the room. Conversely, the coils of an under-floor heating system cover all parts of the floor, and they heat the whole room so that the heat doesn't simply warm the ceiling area.

No draughts

Unlike fan heaters, underfloor heating doesn't create draughts as it warms the room. Draughts can be uncomfortable, especially when you step out of the shower in a bathroom. Plus, radiant heating from the floor is healthier for the indoor environment since it doesn't blow contaminants around the room. On the other hand, some ducted and reverse-cycle systems can gather dust and blast it out with heated air.

Discrete and Quiet

Underfloor heating warms up rooms discreetly, so you may not be aware it's on except for the fact that you're comfortable and warm. The heating components are hidden beneath the tiles or floorboards. It doesn't require floor vents or large reverse-cycle units that take up space and ruin the décor. Plus, you won't have to arrange your furniture around heaters and floor vents. Additionally, because underfloor heating is silent, you won't be disturbed by the continual buzz of fans moving air around the room.

Thus, underfloor heating offers benefits that other heating methods don't. Regardless of the season, you can comfortably walk around in bare feet. Because the coils wind uniformly over the floor and aren't hidden, the rooms will be more evenly heated, bottom to top. And, you won't have to deal with noisy or large heating equipment. Furthermore, this system won't blow dust and pollutants around the room, creating allergy issues.