Design Ideas on How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Larger

If you want to create a spacious haven in your bathroom, you should choose design options to make it seem as large as possible when renovating. A cramped area can give a feeling of claustrophobia, which is anything but relaxing. Here are several ideas.

Emphasise Natural Light

A room filled with streaming daylight will naturally feel bigger than it otherwise would. Remove any bulky coverings that block the window. Instead, install sleek frosted glass. Another option may be clerestory windows, set high on the wall near the ceiling. Often, you don't have to worry about privacy with these windows unless you live next to a multi-story building. Thus, you can fit transparent glass to let the sunshine into the room. These windows will also help generate a sense of space by breaking up the opaque wall area and offering a sky view.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a sure way to expand a bathroom by reflecting the room area. Even though you logically know this extra space doesn't exist and it's only a reflection, a mirror still creates the illusion of a bigger room. You may be able to expand the current mirror size. Or you could fit several smaller ones around the room.

Frameless Shower

Because the shower is such a large component in a bathroom, it's crucial to make it as unobtrusive as possible. You can achieve this by installing a frameless design that appears almost invisible. The transparent screens on these models are held in place with discreet hardware rather than extensive frames, so the shower will look seamless and not break up the room into zones.

Seamless Tiling

To create a sense of flow that seems to continue endlessly, use the same or similar tiles on the walls and floors. Thus, your eyes can roam around the bathroom without distinct breaks, which will give a sense of more space. Pale tones are more reflective than darker colours, adding airiness.

Under Tile Heating

Under-tile heating is an invisible form of heating. Electric coils are wound over the subfloor underneath the tiles, so the warmth will flow out of the tiles and drift upwards around the rest of the room. You won't have to incorporate a heater, which can add to the visual clutter and take up a limited floor area. Under-tile heating is even more discreet than ducted heating as it doesn't even require vents. Thus, it's a perfect option for bathroom renovations.

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